Let Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC Help You Invest in Your Industrial Instrumentation Needs

Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC has been serving Columbia Basin customers with industrial instrumentation and electrical instrumentation since 2001. Our primary focus is providing both large and small industrial businesses with their factory electrical instrumentation and industrial instrumentation needs. We specialize in a quick, courteous service where your instrumentation needs are concerned. Hiring the right, trained and licensed, industrial instrumentation installers to quickly ascertain the right product for your needs can save your business both time and money now and in the future. How can our trained professional industrial instrumentation professionals help you?  Read on.

Let Industrial Instrumentation Professionals Help you Invest in Your Business’s Future Needs

Our industrial instrumentation and electrical instrumentation includes all devices, gauges, and panels that measure and regulate processes for machinery, computers, testing products, and protection from unforeseen disasters. There is both an art and a science to designing, choosing, and installing the right industrial instrumentation devices for your exact needs as a company. Our trained professionals can quickly interview you and then inspect the situation and equipment before suggesting the right industrial instrumentation equipment that will provide both the exact specification that your project requires and the long-term durability of the service the instrument will fulfill.

What are Industrial and Electrical Instrumentation Devices?

Industrial instrumentation measures the physical aspects of products within manufacturing plants, laboratories, testing facilities, offices, and even homes and service calls. These may include devices which regulate or control temperature, speed, size, or timing on factory equipment, or they may include testing instruments to test the end product quality. The scope of industrial testing equipment also includes smoke alarms, security systems, employee punch-card systems, point of sale equipment, laboratory testing equipment, quality control visual monitoring devices and software, and safety and hazard equipment.

The Right Measuring Instruments for Your Needs

Exact measurements and precise calculations are a must for every successful business. Any company, factory, or service industry that wants to guarantee first class products and services to their clients needs to guarantee precise measurements and quality control for their products, and adequate safety for their employees. Neppel Electrical & Controls offers a broad range of products from field measuring instruments to factory solutions, electrical instrumentation, and office instruments. Neppel Electrical & Controls has your business covered and will help you control your products and quality assurance.

At this time Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC stocks hundreds of types of quality and safety measurement controls to determine various parameters of physical, electrical, and chemical processes within your company. If we don’t stock it, we can and will locate the instruments for your exact needs. Not limited to large scale factory equipment instruments, you can also obtain smaller instrumentation for your daily needs, whether these be in the industrial office, or the small home business.

If you have questions, large or small, you can find quality control instrumentation and electrical instrumentation professionals at Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC to help you find a solution for your company. Feel free to order in person, at your place of business, online, or via fax or phone. It doesn’t matter if you need new instruments or need your current ones repaired or calibrated, you will find our service meets your needs.

The Right Control Display Systems for Your Needs

Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC offers a wide range of control systems for many different applications. These include simple displays, regulators, and computerized displays. Control systems are essential in monitoring the measuring instrumentation for quality in modern factories and industries. There have been many advances in industrial quality control display equipment and the new quick and easy to read displays provide diversity of applications–displaying temperature, pressure, speed, revolutions, and other standard physical product quality standards and equipment durability and safety.

Quality control monitors provide safety and efficiency in the workplace and our certified technicians can help you find the right product at the right price to perfectly suit your business’s needs.

The Right Balance Systems for Your Needs

Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC offers your company a wide range of industrial balances, laboratory balances, table balances, equipment balances, precision balances, and equipment scales for your quality control needs. You can expect your scales and balance equipment to be backed by a one to three year warranty and perform your quality control as expected. Further, many of the balance systems work seamlessly with the control display systems you use for the other quality control instrumentation devices your company employs.

The scales and balances available include piece count functions, before and after product weight, further analysis weights, hopper functions, large scales, bulk shipment scales, and quality measurement scales. Feel free to contact our trained professionals to find the right weight and scale balances for your company’s quality control needs.

Your Laboratory Equipment Needs

Laboratory testing equipment is essential for every booming business. While most industrial instrumentation supply companies provide the basic quality control instrumentation for equipment, packing, and shipping, we also offer testing equipment for your on site product testing lab. Perform precision experiments, quality assurance tests, and product safety tests in-house and save your company the expense of outsourcing lab work. Choose from a wide variety of industrial lab equipment supplies and high-quality analysis equipment. Ensure your company’s products with in-house safety and product quality testing equipment.

High-quality analysis devices and lab testing equipment include those used and designed for professional applications, field lab experimentation, on site product testing, safety switches, valves, interfaces, temperature valves, safety valves, and even software for your monitoring devices and computer equipment.

Current Client Satisfaction at Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC

To provide you with a general idea of how we may best serve you and help boost your business’s bottom line, let us demonstrate to you what we can do for you. Some of our best customers include REC Silicon, McCain Foods, Air Liquide, Sice, Azko Nobel, Land O’Lakes, and many smaller businesses here in the Columbia Basin community in Washington state. Our top vendors of industrial instrumentation equipment include Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Kokagawa. We supply everything from fiber optic cables and installations, to the equipment connected by the fiber optic communications wires, and the testing equipment listed above. We also have a UL508 Panel shop to further guarantee your needs in your industry.

Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC Provides a Full Range of Services

Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC doesn’t just sell you a product, we provide a service beyond expectation. In addition to fiber optic cables and installation, and industrial and electrical instrumentation and quality control products, we provide a wider range of services to help your business achieve its highest end needs. We specialize in installation, mounting, calibration, servicing, repairing, and adjusting the equipment you have or that we have installed for you. Let our trained, licensed service professionals take the worry about your business off your mind.

Our services include fiber optic installation, computer and quality monitoring devices, industrial and electrical instrumentation service, repair, and calibration, and a broad range of services related to any equipment you need from us. Our UL508 Panel shop provides you with the certified quality control of your quality control equipment. Our technicians provide the utmost care when installing the tubing for your fiber optics networking, wire cables for quality and safety control monitors, relay wires for scales and product instrumentation devices, and much more. We can assess your company’s needs and help you choose the right equipment to provide you with a broader range of services so you need to buy less to do a better job. We have the ability to find the lowest cost and highest quality equipment so we can pass the quality and right price on to you.

Services Provided to Our Community Businesses

Custom tailored services provide you with outstanding customer services backed by both product and in-house warranties. We don’t just sell you equipment and installation, we sell you a promise that your business will run more efficiently with a better quality product when we are done. We take a full inventory of your company’s instruments to determine the condition of your current equipment, the quality of your current product, and your future needs in terms of quality control. Our technicians work with your company directly on site to walk through and perform calibrations on already existing equipment, and the electrical instrumentation, and industrial instrumentation devices you already employ. We can help you upgrade your current system and perform any repairs or calibrations before suggesting replacements for newer equipment, thus saving you money. We can also help you determine if your current equipment and electrical instrumentation are properly located for maximum efficiency.

Your remote calibration and repair needs are also attended to. Not only do we attend to your needs on your own terms, at your own place of business, but we also take on service calls to repair or re-calibrate equipment in-house. We accept prior or post calibration and repair by mail and delivery.

Let Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC Help You

Here at Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC we are all about your bottom line. We specialize in helping you achieve your goals through the installation of quality, safe industrial instrumentation devices, electrical instrumentation and supplies. Let us help you build a safer, faster, and more efficient business so you can produce a better quality product than your closest competitors. Achieve your business goals with our help.