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Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC UL Panel Shop has been serving the Columbia Basin community for over nine years. Our Underwriters Laboratory Panel Shop, a testing, quality control and certification organization, is here to serve your business’s quality control, inspection, repair, service, and calibration needs. We fabricate control panels of all kinds–including pump panels, instrument panels, Department of Transportation (DOT) panels, and more. Our panel shop specializes in providing a quick, courteous service with our certified licensed and trained technicians within our 508 UL panel shop. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your business has the right quality control standards to pass inspection and keep downtime to a minimum.

Let the UL Panel Shop of Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC Serve You

Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC custom builds ICP’s and applies UL and C-UL listing marks to SCP panels. We provide maximum flexibility with our designs while ensuring maximum safety ratings of the finished product. When our clients need a high-end UL panel at a reasonable cost, we create the certified panel for them. You can be confident that your personally crafted UL panel will meet all code certifications.

A Competitive Advantage

Increase your competitive advantage by having custom UL panels installed onto your site. Forget making factory UL panels retro fit to what you need, and instead pass your safety inspections faster with custom made panels. Update your factories, warehouses, and offices with certified code-ready UL panels. When you need panels for general electric, metalworking, machines, machine tools, plastic injection, service entrance, elevator control, flame control, and more, our UL panel shop is here to serve.

Our UL panel shop work covers all code requirements. By having your panels custom designed and certified you can make sure your electrical and networking junction boxes meet all applicable safety regulations required for your company and the state. Eliminate the possibility of red-flagged junction panels that happen with factory default panels which do not always cover the entire input to output of their needs. Reduce the delays and costly replacement fees of red flagged junctions and ICP boxes.

Also, receive the benefits of the widely accepted UL Mark of regulatory jurisdictions authorities in both the United States and Canada. A certified UL box sticker lets code inspectors know that you are in compliance with legal requirements. Leave nothing to chance, instead of using in-house electricians or factory supplied boxes, let our UL panel shop ensure your building’s junctions are fully up to code and will pass safety inspections too.

Team Up With Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC

Consolidate your fiber optic installation, industrial instrumentation, electrical instrumentation, street lighting, UL panels, and general electrical needs all in one place. Our certified technicians can work with you to consolidate your services in order to save you both time and money. There is no waiting for inspections between service industries or coordinating schedules between technicians – when you utilize Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC services, we do the work for you. Our UL panel shop technicians are with you from start to finish and make sure each process runs together as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible to provide you with the least amount of downtime during fresh installations, upgrades, and code upgrades as required. We put the safety of teamwork into your project while meeting all federal and personal regulations.

A UL508A Panel Shop You Can Trust

Our UL Panel shop meets and exceeds all safety standards set out by the NEC, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American National Standards Institute (ASNI), and the U.S. Under Writers Laboratory (UL). The NEC regulates the design and construction of UL panel boxes and components. The NFPA regulates and tests the fire safety and ratings of UL boxes and electrical components. Starting in 1897, the NEC was the first and most decisive authority in the regulation of safety standards used in municipalities across the UL. Their primary function is to certify technicians, validate UL shops, test boxes and components, inspect installations, audit products for compliance, and advise companies. Our 508A UL panel shop is directly trained and certified by them.

Our 508A UL panel shop utilizes basic safety standards for equipment that uses 1500 or less volts of electricity in ambient temperatures of  32° to 104° Fahrenheit. This is the industry standard for UL panel shops serving the industrial complex of businesses and construction companies. We set out to meet and exceed the safety standards set by both the NEC and our local municipality agencies and finally, those set by you, our amazing customers.

Our 508A UL Panel Shop Services

Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC 508A UL Panel Shop services include industrial control devices for starting, stopping, regulating, controlling, and protecting electrical motors. Our panels also cover control devices and systems that house or store processes associated with output motor control functions for ordinary use in accordance with National Electric Code NFPA70. The device listing covers electrical motors, junctions, and housing with voltage ratings of 1500 volts or less for use in temperatures between 0 to 40° Celsius unless otherwise indicated or approved for license and certified by the NEC.

Examples of our UL508 products include:

  • Adjustable-Speed drive and accessories modules (UL508C).
  • Automatic controls for Household electrical temperature and control ( UL 60730-1 and UL 60730).
  • Control circuit switches and relays.
  • Control devices intended for industrial heating and lighting.
  • Definite purpose controllers.
  • Electrical instruments covered by Standard for Electrical Analog Instruments – Panel Board Types (UL 1437)
  • Equipment for use in hazardous locations (NFPA70, UL1203).
  • Fire Pump Controllers.
  • Float, flow, pressure, and vacuum-operated switches.
  • Industrial Control Panels.
  • Industrial microprocessor/computer systems.
  • Interlock controllers and assemblies that transfer power or common load output or sources (S.T.S.E UL 1008).
  • Lighting dimmer systems and controls.
  • Manual, magnetic, and solid-state starters and controllers.
  • Mercury-tube switches.
  • Motor starting auto-transformers.
  • Numerical control systems.
  • Programmable controllers.
  • Proximity switches.
  • Push button stations, including selector switches and pilot lights.
  • Refrigeration temperature and control regulators (UL873).
  • Resistors and rheostats for motor generator fields.
  • Resistors and rheostats intended for industrial heating and lighting,
  • Resistors and rheostats for general use.
  • Solid-state logic controllers.
  • Solid-state time-delay relays.
  • Thermal, magnetic, and solid-state overload relays.
  • Time-delay relays and switches.
  • Variable voltage auto-transformers.

We also provide, design, or create components, panels, and housings that comply with and meet all standards for 508 UL panel shop licensing. We create products that contain the characteristics, components, features, materials, and systems as covered by our licensing and approved by the NEC and UL. Our materials are intended to protect users, machinery, components, and mechanical instruments from overheating, risk of fire, electrical shock, damage, or from injuring users through fire, shock, or mechanical injuries. Our end product requirements exceed the standards set out by our 508 UL panel shop certifications and we strive to meet and exceed levels of safety as set forth by federal and local regulatory boards and inspectors.

UL Services We Provide to You

We at Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC provide custom UL housing for your electrical, fiber optic, and motor housing needs. Our certification along with our customer service and in-house services provide you with quality you can trust that meets or exceeds your standards and those set forth by both local and federal regulatory agencies. We sell you a promise that we will make the process of installation of UL panels, upgrades, and repairs as quick and as smooth as possible. We understand that time is money and downtime represents a loss, that’s why your downtime represents a loss to us. The sooner we can get you back in business and your equipment and buildings safely up to code, the better off we will all be.

Whenever we do installs we take a full inspection of all electrical, motor, and UL boxes on premises to make sure they are performing up to code and not in danger of breaking down so that we can help you prevent costly replacements and injuries. Our technicians work with you on site and in our offices to ensure your needs are met. We save you time and money by offering a full service of fiber optics installers, electricians, industrial instrumentation, and electrical instrumentation to complement your motor and electrical housing needs.

Efficiency is Your Bottom Line

Let Neppel Electrical & Controls, LLC UL panel shop help you achieve your goals, meet coding standards, ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, and help you reach your product quality standards at peak efficiency by assessing your fiber optic, electrical, UL panel, and instrumentation needs. We want to help you build a faster, safer, and more efficient future. Let our UL panel shop team provide your team with the tools you need to grow your business.